Jon Martyn, Art Psychotherapy

State registered art psychotherapist & clinical supervisor

Why art therapy?

Art Psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy, where you will use art making as a way of understanding yourself and your relationship with others.  It does not require any experience of art making & there tends to be as much conversation as art.  In therapy, art can offer the opportunity to see, feel and sit with experiences and feelings that can be difficult to put into words.

Art therapy can be an immensely powerful experience: by being an outlet for feelings and an aid to self-understanding.  Engaging with creativity can help improve self-esteem, help to express experiences that are difficult to put into words and can enable one to engage with forgotten memories.

It can be useful to listen to other people’s experiences in therapy, and the British Association of Art Therapists have produced a series of films that give people the chance to talk about their experiences in therapy.